Sourcemaker offers a unique, comprehensive on-line catalog for Gaffers, DPs and Grips searching for high quality LED lighting.

Not only does Sourcemaker have the highest quality LED lighting products on the market, we also have among the largest LED inventories in the film industry. And it’s still growing! Sourcemaker is in the unique position to supply LED lighting to every size production, from student film to high-budget features. We have been striving diligently for years to do just that. Sourcemaker offers the same quality service with a personal touch for every production.

Practice Makes Perfect

Sourcemaker has over 16 years of experience as custom lighting designers. Our manufacturing department continues to innovate and break ground (or sky). We work closely with gaffers, DP's and crew members to help perfect different ideas and designs. We can build, test and deliver a custom LED lighting balloon based on a gaffer’s custom size, desired output and height specification.

Sourcemaker has made it our mission to provide excellent Customer Service and will always be responsive to our customers’ needs. Have a question or concern? We will be there to assist you every step of the way!

USA Made

Sourcemaker manufactures all of our products in the United States, and only uses the finest materials made right here in the USA! Our design team is always thinking on the user-side and developing new ways to make our LED lighting bundles faster to set up, easier to rig and easier to manage.